Update on the map

We are back, and have been productive! 

Well for starters, we are sorry for the fact that things are moving slowly.

However, we have now done a good deal of progress. We don’t want to give you all the info, but we will update you on some minor things. We have been working a lot on developing detailed and massive parts of the things that has to do with the main-story since our last update. This involves build massive buildings to making sure that your experiences of the map will be fantastic.

Over to the more detailed information we can give you, at this point. We have more or less finished one of the important start up points we are making. Yes, this means, depending on what sort of faction and class you choose, you will start in different places and you will see the main story from other angles.

Stronghold in the wood

Here you have a class who obviously have a strong attachment to the deep woods and learn their skill from their environment.

So, that is it for now. Hope you enjoyed this little update. Thank you for reading and the fact that you stay with us! – Drot01

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Summer! it has some up’s and down’s..

The Rockit page is now on a holiday.

Since Drot is working this summer and I am off traveling this summer, the page will be having a little pause.

We will be back soon with more updates on the map and pictures.

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See you around!

Yours Rockstonez!

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Update on the map

Update nr. 2 – Looking forward to 1.6!

Hello all you readers out there! So as we have mentioned previously our work is going slow, however when we do have progress is it extreme!

Two days ago, we had a plan to start working at 18pm, yet we stated at 20pm instead ’cause of some problems on my end. We had a good working process and got some essential things done that we can’t tell you that much about ’cause that would be spoiling. However, in this process, we thought for a this big map and story; we will need mini-games, and in the next update of minecraft (1.6) we have all been promised new mobs; Horses! And come on people, what is a medieval-map without a arena/tournamentfield and a racing track.

So now our processes have stopped more or less, as we wait for the new update. This is because we want to have a look at how the update will be, what the potential of it is and how we can use it 100% in the map-experience.

Thank you for staying with us, thank you for reading! – Drot01

2013-06-11_22.00.54 2013-06-11_21.58.27

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Update on the map

Update nr. 1

So this is exiting! Today we’ve had some extraordinary progress on the map. And if you’ve read the post form last time we do not have many of this times (because I’m constantly busy, and my friend Rockstonez have moved).

This time we’ve been adding a hole lot of tiny details that are extremely annoying to build, however they are rely important to the big picture (and no I can’t tell you what I’m talking about). We have done huge amounts of work that we have said “Oh, yes, we have to do that, but…” to for such a long time, manly because we did know how we wanted it, but we did not know what to put there, and this I can tell you: it’s a big city part with lots and lots of houses, and more that I on the other hand can’t say anything about.

We have also had some progress on are main story, so that is sort of falling into place as well. So the way thing are today; everything is looking good.

Thank you for staying with us! – Drot01

Overlook upon town

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The map

More information about the map project

As I told you guys in the last entry, we are making a new Minecraft adventure map. We have decided to upload a beta version of the map soon in the future. We have done about 2/3 of the map, and are still working on minor details for the beta version of the map. The map will have a lot of options, like you can choose between knights or priests for the beta version. And if you choose knight you have to pick between archer or swordsman, if you choose priest, you will be able to cast some spells and summon different kind of things. It is different rules and storyline for both options.

You will have different stories and quests based on what you choose, some quest are role based and you can’t cross roles. Remember this is the beta stage and it will become even bigger, with another role to choose. Wizards. We will not spoil the plot and quests so do not worry. We will upload some more pictures soon, but they will not spoil anything at all.

The map project was started half a year ago and we are still making it. We have had very small progress due to me (Rockstonez) moving from our home town. But we are soon done making a beta launch and we are looking forward to it. The tools we have used to build the map is voxelsniper server plugin and world edit + some smaller mods. But we have built most things “by hand”.

The idea came a day we where writing a manuscript for a medieval video we were supposed to make, and we thought it would be a fun project to have. At first it was something we did when we where board, but when we realised that it actually could be done, everything changed. We played and built for hours a day and started making the story. We hade loads of ideas! We had some of our friends to help us build and come up with ideas. These people has helped us: mhg97, laotto, Humanwolf (minecraft usernames)! This is the biggest minecraft project we ever have done so you can say we are a bit exited. But remember we are uploading a beta, not the full map yet.

Please keep on watching the blog to se more about the map, and us. We will talk about other stuff as well in the future, but for now, it’s all about the map and minecraft.

Thanks for reading! – rockstonez


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Welcome to the new Rockit page!

Hello i am Rockstonez.

I am a gamer who designs different kinds of minecraft maps with help from some other gamers. We are at the moment working with a huge project. I can’t tell you to much about it, but its amazing. Here is a hint: magic, medieval knights and religion. We will give photos and more information when we feel like it. It is an adventure map, with a lot of opportunities. We are looking forward to get questions or comments on are posts. See you!


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